day 4…favorite hokage && day 5…favorite sensei

Godaime Hokage Tsunade && Asuma Sensei

Tsunade is strong, kind, hilarious and much more! She reminds me of my mom xD She doesn’t like to play around and always want to get to the point! Tsunade also has a different relationship with her ninjas and helpers than the other hokages. It seems like she sees them as her friends and not subordinates. And even though she lost all of her important people to war and fights, she became stronger after each incident and believed in naruto more and more.

To me, Asuma had a different relationship with his students than the other teams. He knew them better than they knew themselves and kinda was like a second father to shika-cho-ino. He loved his students and loved his friends. He always thought of them even in death. He was an awesome sensei.

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